Health & Wellbeing Team

warwickshire east

Kineton & Tysoe Surgery, St Wulfstan Surgery, Southam Surgery, Harbury Surgery, Fenny Compton Surgery


Warwickshire East PCN wants to work with local communities to work towards a healthier lifestyle and to empower people to make the right choices for their health care needs. This service is designed in a way to offer patients clinical and non-clinical services to support health and wellbeing in our community.

We will work to offer people a service that can offer benefits such as;

Increased self-resilience in all aspects of their life

Improvement in mental health

Increased activity levels

The team will support patents to find resources in the community to help them feel better. 

Service Aims

Healthy lifestyle and behaviour change

Build social links

Healthy eating

Understand food labelling

Create an individual physical activity plan

Learn how to plan ahead

Become a volunteer

Make New Friends

Set individual weight management goals

Improving Health Statistics

Meet the Health & Wellbeing Team.

The basic principal of our service is to recognise that primarily a range of social, economic and environmental factors determines people’s health. Social Link Working seeks to support people to address their own needs and aims to support individuals to take greater control of their own health. Social Prescribing can also help to connect people to community groups and statutory services for practical and emotional support.  

How can Social Link Workers help patients?

The aim of this service is to help support patients and address their social needs.  Social Link Workers support in a non-medical way of working and can help with a variety of issues. This is an example of just some of the areas of work we deal with.

  • Isolation and social support
  • Benefits, debt and housing
  • Low mood and wellbeing
  • Management of long terms conditions. I.e. referring to Fitter futures for a healthier lifestyle, speaking to the Clinical Pharmacists regarding their medications, and learning to take care of their own wellbeing by giving them the tools to do so.
  • By giving time to talk through issues and offering emotional support it helps people to understand the ‘bigger picture’. It helps to assist people to devise an action plan to work towards.

  • Carers support
  • Provision of services i.e. Adult Social Care, Equipment